Curtis Tate Published

Chlorine Release Prompts Shelter-In-Place Order In South Charleston


A shelter-in-place order was briefly issued in South Charleston early Thursday because of a chemical spill.

The release of chlorine gas at the Clearon Corp. occurred Thursday morning, according to the governor’s office.

No injuries were reported, and the order was lifted soon after it was put in place.

Clearon, based in South Charleston, specializes in spa and pool water treatment, industrial water treatment and commercial and industrial cleaning and disinfection products.

While local emergency management officials described the release as minor, chlorine can be deadly in higher concentrations.

Nine people were killed in Graniteville, South Carolina, in January 2005 after the derailment of a freight train released chlorine. A few hundred more were treated for chlorine inhalation.

Even exposure to low levels of chlorine can cause nose, throat and eye irritation.