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Charleston Mayor No Longer a Registered Republican


Charleston Mayor Danny Jones says he’s left the Republican Party to protest the GOP’s choice of Donald Trump as well as its “obsession” with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The release says Jones plans to complete his current term, then won’t run for office again.

“For the first time in my life, I cannot support the Republican nominee for president,” Jones told the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

He said the “obsession of the West Virginia House of Delegates’ leadership with the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act” was another reason he’s leaving. Several gay rights groups opposed the bill as discriminatory.

“The fact that the House speaker came down to the floor to talk, not about the budget which is in crisis, he came down to talk about RFRA,” Jones said. “I’m basically a city guy, and I believe live and let live and stay out of each other’s bedroom.”

Jones says he plans to vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson for president.