Eric Douglas Published

Bill Will Require Schools To Display U.S. Motto If Passed

An "In God We Trust" sign is seen at a middle school in Rapid City, S.D. Staff began installing the national motto in the district's 23 schools in May.
Katy Urban, Rapid City Area Schools

With little discussion, the Senate Education Committee moved forward with Senate Bill 251 to require publicly funded schools to display posters with the United States motto of “In God We Trust.”

According to the bill, the posters will be paid for using privately donated funds and can only depict the phrase along with images of the West Virginia and U.S. flags.

Sen. Mike Azinger, R-Wood, is the primary sponsor on the bill. He said he thinks this will help unite people.

“‘In God We Trust’ is in the fourth stanza of our national anthem,” he said. “It was added as a national motto by Eisenhower, the same president who put ‘Under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance. So I just think it’d be a great thing for our state and for our kids.”

Senate Bill 251 moves on to the full Senate for consideration.