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Here Comes The Sun: Solar Moves In, And A Farm Community Wonders About Its Future

President Joe Biden is laying out a clear vision for clean energy: last month, he signed a series of executive orders directing federal agencies to buy carbon-free technology and eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. But growing solar can also bring change and some tough choices about land use and landscapes.

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A Blackface Photo Resurfaces, And A Kentucky City Confronts Its Racial Trauma

In October, a photo resurfaced of Paducah Public Schools Superintendent Donald Shively, that he said is from a Halloween party in 2002. He’s pictured in blackface, wearing gold chains, a durag, and a Paducah Tilghman High School Football t-shirt. Shively taught and coached football there at the time.

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What Biden's Plan For "Building Back Better" Could Mean For The Ohio Valley

President-Elect Joe Biden’s sweeping $2 trillion infrastructure plan could have a profound impact in the Ohio Valley region. Biden’s plan would not only invest in rural broadband but also fortify clean energy industries and shore up struggling water systems. Ohio Valley advocates hope it’s a plan, if realized, that will transform the region for the better. But the likelihood of a divided government, with Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell retaining his majority leadership, means the new administration will need to find common ground to make that vision a reality.

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