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HIV In The Mountain State: April Finds Recovery But Laments The Infected Who Are Still On The Streets

In the final episode of our three-part series, "HIV in the Mountain State," we meet April who is in recovery and on HIV medications, which have helped her to stay well. But she and a physician who works with those who are infected with HIV-AIDS say that there are far more people on the streets living with addiction and the disease — and likely spreading it.

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HIV In The Mountain State: Mike Survives An Early AIDS Infection As Medications Improve

In the second story of his three-part series, "HIV In The Mountain State," freelance reporter Kyle Vass hears from Mike who contracted AIDS from intravenous drug use. While his early prognosis was dire, Mike is now in good health and taking the latest medications that have helped patients overcome the progression of the disease.

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HIV In The Mountain State: Robert Becomes A Caretaker After His Partner's Death

The CDC has identified an HIV outbreak in Kanawha County, West Virginia as the “most concerning in the nation." Freelance reporter Kyle Vass looked at how HIV has impacted West Virginians over the past 40 years. This story profiles Robert in Hardy County, and is part one of a three-part series titled “HIV in the Mountain State.”

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As Gun Deaths Rise Across The US, Charleston, W.Va. Councilwoman Honors Those Lost To Gun Violence

In April of this year, there were five gun deaths in Charleston within a span of 18 days. According to a report from the city, that’s the highest number of gun deaths in a single month in more than 20 years.

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