Katie Myers

Hector Saldivar Brings Mexican Folk Arts to East Tennessee

Inside Appalachia Folkways reporter Katie Myers travels to Lenoir City, Tennessee to speak with award-winning artist Hector Saldivar, and his apprentice Ariel, about bringing Mexican folk art to the hills of east Tennessee.

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The True(Ish) Story Of Tennessee Moonshiner Mahalia Mullins

Some say moonshiner Mahalia Collins Mullins once beat 30 men in a wrestling match and sold them all whisky afterward. Others say she was so large that when police tried to arrest her, they couldn’t get her through the door. By the time Mullins passed away, her story was know...

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Slip Sliding Away: Landslides Follow Flooding As Major Risk To Appalachian Communities

In addition to chronic flooding, many Appalachian communities deal with landslides induced by rains. Climate change has been shown to increase the frequency and intensity of rainfall throughout the Ohio Valley, and major flooding events have now disrupted eastern Kentucky communities twice in the span of a month.Some residents say mining adds to the risk.

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