Jessica Lilly Published

ARC Selects Three From WV For Appalachian Leadership Fellowship

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Forty professionals from across Appalachia have been selected to attend economic skills training at the Appalachian Leadership Institute.

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) selected forty fellows to participate in online seminars that started this week.

This year’s class includes professionals from the region’s 13 states who work in civil service, finance, healthcare, tourism, and a variety of public and private sectors. According to a release from ARC, the program will include seminars about designing effective economic development project proposals, identifying resources available to spur economic development, and more.

Over 100 qualified applications were received for this year’s program, which lasts for nine weeks. Three were selected from West Virginia, including Violette Burdette, a development specialist for MountainHeart Community Services.

“If you see what others are able to achieve you think, why can’t we do that here,” Burdette said, “or that would work within this program, can you tell me what you needed to do that.”

MountainHeart Community Services is a Community Action Agency that helps provide childcare for working parents and children reach milestones in mental and physical development.

After completing the nine-month series of online meetings, Appalachian Leadership Institute Fellows will become part of a peer-to-peer working group committed to Appalachia’s future.