June Leffler Published

Affordable Care Act Insurance Enrollment Closes Aug. 15.

Oregon is still using paper applications to enroll people through the Affordable Care Act.

Open enrollment for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act will close Aug. 15. In a final push to enroll more West Virginians in federal subsidized health insurance, the non-profit WV Navigator is hosting sign-up events this week.

The Cabell County Public Library will host an event this Wednesday. A More Excellent Way Life Center Church in Charleston’s West Side will host one on Thursday. These events last from noon to 6 p.m.. No appointment is necessary. Assistance is also available by calling (304) 356-5834.

In previous years, open enrollment for federally subsidized health insurance lasted less than two months. President Joe Biden extended that period this year to six months.

Those who can’t get health insurance through an employer or programs like Medicaid are eligible for insurance through the federal government. These subsidies were made available through the American Rescue Plan beginning in April.

“We’ve seen a lot of people that have been able to get health insurance this year for much more affordable rates than they ever imagined,” said Jeremy Smith with WV Navigator.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said more than 1.2 million customers have signed up this year for health plans costing less than $10 a month.

Smith said a few thousand West Virginians have taken advantage of these plans this year.

“A lot of people wait until the deadline,” Smith said. “We’re really hoping that with these last couple weeks, we can see a lot of people go ahead and check into their options and be able to get covered.”