West Virginia State Treasury

Money, Cash
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The West Virginia State Treasurer’s office said in a news release it paid out $1.45 million in claims last month.

Unclaimed property can include abandoned safety deposit boxes, stock dividends left uncashed or a final paycheck left behind. By law, holders of such assets are required to turn them over to the Treasury.

Field representatives with the Treasurer's office conduct outreach by tracking down property owners through in-house records, courthouse files and checking other documents. 

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While the races for president and for governor seem to be getting all of the attention this election cycle, all five of West Virginia’s Constitutional Offices are also on the ballot. In the race for Treasurer, Democrat John Perdue is the long-time incumbent, holding the position for 20 years. He’s running a race against political newcomer Republican Ann Urling who brings 30 years of community banking to the table. West Virginia Public Broadcasting brings this look at the campaigns for the office.

Money, Cash
2bgr8 / Deviantart

The state Treasurer's Office has issued more than $21,000 in unclaimed assets to churches and organizations including Habitat for Humanity.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports state treasurer John Perdue presented six checks during a ceremony Tuesday.

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West Virginia State Treasurer, John Perdue returned tangible, unclaimed property items to Nitro City Mayor David Casebolt today during a presentation at Nitro City Hall. This event was a big deal for the State Treasurer and the mayor.