Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin
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Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has vetoed two education bills, one that would have repealed Common Core aligned standardized test in the state and a second that would have allowed county boards to schedule fewer then 180 days in their school calendars.

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  As the 2017 budget deficit looms, members of both chambers are looking for ways to balance the budget in a tight fiscal year. 

Senate President Bill Cole says additional agency cuts should come from the Governor, but says using the state's Rainy Day Fund to help fund the deficit is a reasonable measure.

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A West Virginia push to ban a second-trimester abortion method has been vetoed.

Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin on Wednesday nixed the measure that would ban the commonly used abortion practice.

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Senators joined the House of Delegates in a vote to override Governor Tomblin's veto of a bill that would allow anyone over the age of 21 to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. 

The Senate voted 23 to 11 during a Saturday morning floor session. The House had voted on the measure Friday.

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A Kanwaha County Circuit Judge has ruled that West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Brent Benjamin should not be given state dollars to fund his re-election campaign.

The lawsuit was brought against Benjamin by Beth Walker, one of four challengers in the race. Benjamin was attempting to participate in the state’s public campaign financing program, a program that is only available to candidates running for Supreme Court seats, but this is the first time a candidate’s participation has been challenged.

Charleston attorney Anthony Majestro from the firm Powell & Majestro discusses the implication of the case.

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A bill to remove the permitting and safety training requirements to carry a concealed weapon in West Virginia is just one vote away from becoming law.  

Delegates voted 64 to 33 to override Governor Tomblin's veto of House Bill 4145 Friday morning.

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Surrounded by law enforcement officers from across the state, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed a bill that would allow anyone over the age of 21 in West Virginia to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. 

The bill approved by lawmakers last month also removes the requirement to take a safety training course in order to carry a concealed handgun.

In the second year of Republican control of the statehouse, lawmakers have voted both a second and third times to override Tomblin vetoes.

A simple majority in both chambers voted Friday to make the prevailing wage repeal and Right-to-Work bills law.


With legislative session set to begin Wednesday, Republican lawmakers are pushing to make two issues an early priority: making West Virginia a right-to-work state and repealing the prevailing wage for public construction projects.

Republican Senate President Bill Cole said lawmakers will make right to work and a repeal of the state’s prevailing wage top priorities early in the 2016 session.

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Citing technical errors, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has vetoed a bill letting public entities accept private donations to display the phrase "In God We Trust" on their buildings.

The bill would have required the State Building Commission to develop guidelines for displaying the national motto and the POW-MIA flag.

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, we bring you the latest from the House and the Senate including a move by Delegates to overturn Governor Tomblin's veto of the 22-week abortion ban.

Office of the Governor

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has vetoed two bills over technical issues.

On Tuesday, the Democrat nixed a proposal about net metering relationships between utilities and people who generate their own electricity.

Some solar advocates have opposed the bill.

West Virginia Legislature

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed about 200 bills and vetoed eight this year, leaving teachers and abortion opponents unsatisfied.
Tomblin vetoed a bill to keep school administrators from scheduling tasks for teachers during planning periods. Tomblin said the bill would have blocked collaborative planning among teachers and principals.
Pro-life groups opposed Tomblin's decision to veto a ban on abortions after 20 weeks gestation.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has vetoed a bill that would have given teachers more freedom in using daily planning periods.
The proposal would have generally prohibited administrators from making teachers attend training, work-related events, parent-teacher conferences, individualized education program meetings or teacher evaluation conferences during planning periods. The bill says teachers could have done so voluntarily.