Unclaimed Property

West Virginia State Treasurer's Office

West Virginia Treasurer John Perdue says the state is returning unclaimed property at a record clip.

Perdue says in a news release that the treasurer's office's paid out more than $14 million in more than 8,000 claims through March. The record for a fiscal year, which ends in June, is $15.4 million paid out in 2008-09.

Perdue's office says it plans to publish newspaper inserts over the next three weeks listing about 15,000 names of unclaimed property owners.

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The West Virginia State Treasurer’s office said in a news release it paid out $1.45 million in claims last month.

Unclaimed property can include abandoned safety deposit boxes, stock dividends left uncashed or a final paycheck left behind. By law, holders of such assets are required to turn them over to the Treasury.

Field representatives with the Treasurer's office conduct outreach by tracking down property owners through in-house records, courthouse files and checking other documents. 

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A little over $16 million in life insurance proceeds have gone to the State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Division in the past four years, and West Virginians who've lost family members since 2012 may have money owed to them. 

West Virginia Treasurer John Perdue
West Virginia Treasurer's Office

A Charleston man has received nearly $170,000 in unclaimed stock dividends owed to his late father.

State Treasurer John Perdue gave a check to Gary Cohen on Tuesday at a ceremony in Charleston.

According to Perdue's office, Cohen's father, Marvyn, amassed shares of Taro Pharmaceuticals, but the company lost track him over the years and transferred the shares to the state treasurer's unclaimed property division.

West Virginia Treasurer John Perdue
West Virginia Treasurer's Office

The West Virginia treasurer's program to locate owners of unclaimed property will be featured on a weekend national news program.

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The state treasurer's office returned $9 million in unclaimed property to West Virginians last fiscal year.

Treasurer John Perdue says that's higher than previous years. The Charleston Daily Mail reports that Perdue attributes the increase to a database that tracks down property owners.

West Virginia State Treasurer's Office

West Virginia's latest unclaimed property auction features a rare penny that Treasurer John Perdue expects will draw attention from coin collectors.

The 1909-S VDB penny is among a variety of items that will be offered for sale. The penny is ranked 14th in the second edition of "100 Greatest U.S. Coins." Its appraised value is $500.

West Virginia State Treasurer's Office

  State Treasurer John Perdue is criticizing Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin for banking on $15 million from an unclaimed property account to balance the next budget.

The Charleston Gazette reports Perdue thinks the move would make it difficult to pay claims to unclaimed property owners or survivors within 90 days, as required by law.

The $21.5 million fund includes various liquidated assets, like sold unclaimed stock and mutual funds, and insurance company payments for unclaimed benefits.

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West Virginia State Treasurer, John Perdue returned tangible, unclaimed property items to Nitro City Mayor David Casebolt today during a presentation at Nitro City Hall. This event was a big deal for the State Treasurer and the mayor.


A trio of coins is stirring some interest in the West Virginia treasurer's office online auction of unclaimed property.

The U.S. Liberty coin set has attracted five bids in less than 24 hours, which Treasurer John Perdue says is an unusual amount of activity.

The set includes a dollar coin, a $5 gold piece and a half dollar. The bidding was approaching $500 on Thursday for the coins, which were minted in the 1800s.