Child Advocacy Centers

Child Development
3:00 pm
Wed November 26, 2014

The First 1,000 Days - Watch the Trailer

Credit West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Children's first three years, or roughly a thousand days, shape the rest of their lives.  It's the only time in their lives when their brains will develop so rapidly and be so moldable.  Between 80-85% of their brain architecture is formed, providing what they need later to do well in school, both cognitively and socially.  


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Budget Woes
3:42 pm
Thu May 8, 2014

Lawmakers Joining Fight to Restore Child, Family Funding

Delegate Linda Phillips, Chair of the Select Committee on Crimes Against Children, spoke at a press conference concerning budget cuts to children and family programs Thursday at the Capitol.
Credit Ashton Marra / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Lawmakers are joining community action groups in asking the governor to restore funding to what they call critical childhood and domestic violence programs across the state.

The cuts came after the 2014 legislative session in the form of a line item veto- one that took $1.06 million from in-home family education, domestic violence services and child advocacy centers.

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