2021 PBS Kids Writers Contest Winners

2021 Reader’s Choice

Drake Rasnic – “Cheese World”

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Fifth Grade

First Place: “Rocky in the Smokies” by Tucker Wiant

Second Place: “From Little to Big” by Sydney Wilson

Third Place: “Cheetah Facts” by Alaina Gialone

Fourth Grade

First Place “Lily Space Veterinarian: Adventure in the Rain Wood Rain Forest” by Sophie Cornwell

Second Place “The Story on How American Sign Language (ASL) was Born!” by Ana Galvez Tolia

Third Grade

First Place: “The Time Traveling Squirrel Adventure” by Matthew Farnsworth

Second Place: “Milo Gets a New Friend” by Mathew Carothers

Third place: “Bees Everywhere” by Jackson Boone

Second Grade

First Place: “The Dance of the Snowflakes” by Bilal Qayyum

Second Place: “The Adventures of the Lost Kingdom” by Sophia Riley

Third Place: “The Skeleton that Would not go Away” by Margaret McEwuen

First Grade

First Place: “Leroy and the Magic Pencil” by Jagger Staten

Second Place: “The Butterfly that Liked Lemonade” by Harper Marsh 

Third Place: “Me and My Sore Toe” by Amelia Wriston


First Place: “Rachel’s New Puppy” by Carly Lou Witt

Second Place: “Abigail’s Surprise” by Whitley Smith

Third Place: “Bianca’s Adventure” by Elise Silber