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WVPB Education And Ceredo-Kenova Elementary Partnered For An "Energetic" Day


Students participating in Energy Express and Summer Exploration Camp were met with an “energetic” surprise last Wednesday, June 23 at Ceredo-Kenova Elementary. WVPB education director Kelly Griffith and Alpha Pig read “Enemy Pie” to 19 Energy Express students and 17 Summer Exploration Camp students.

Both groups were ecstatic to spend time with a beloved PBS Kids Character and enjoy story time.

Griffith and WVPB educational specialist Harrison Evans were humbled by the gratitude of attending students by receiving personally handwritten/illustrated cards thanking both Alpha Pig and WVPB for the visit, story and experience of the day.

“This was a refreshing reminder of the important work WVPB Education does,” Evans said. “Seeing the smiles on each child’s face as well as how engaged they were with the book and PBS character brought me great joy! Receiving handmade cards from the students was an addition to an already rewarding experience.”


Energy Express
From left to right: Samantha Hensley – Mentor, Bethany Raby – Mentor, Morgan Christian – Mentor, Delaney Waugh – Mentor, Matthew Jones – Site Supervisor, Alpha Pig (Harrison Evans), Kelly Griffith and Nathan Green – Mentor.

“It was a pleasure to visit with Mr. Jones and his Energy Express team in Ceredo Kenova,” Griffith said. “Energy Express is a valuable program that serves many children across the Mountain State. I applaud the efforts of all teachers, workers and volunteers that dedicate their summers to helping West Virginia students, thank you!”

“I just wanted to say thank you to WVPB, Alpha Pig, Harrison Evans, and Kelly Griffith for making lots of children’s day and for also helping to inspire a love of reading within our youth that will span a lifetime,” site supervisor Matthew Jones said. “The Energy Express team at Ceredo – Kenova Elementary are extremely grateful for the work you do for education!”

To learn more about Energy Express and WVPB Education, visit https://tv.wvpublic.org/education/.