Windows into Health Care Shines Light on How Physical Therapy Can Aid Women


On this West Virginia Morning, Kristin Phillips is one of two physical therapists in West Virginia specializing in women’s health. In the next episode of our occasional series, Windows into Health Care, health reporter Kara Lofton talks with Phillips about the main issues she sees in her practice. A warning to listeners, this interview includes detailed descriptions of women’s health issues and may not be appropriate for all listeners.Also on today’s show, West Virginia Republicans have said one of their biggest priorities this legislative session is tax reform. Host of the Legislature Today, Andrea Lannom spoke with Senate President Mitch Carmichael and House Speaker Tim Armstead about one piece of that tax reform – eliminating the business inventory tax. Here’s part of that discussion from last night’s show.

We also hear from our audience in a new segment called “I’d Like To Know” where we take your questions about the legislative session to lawmakers.