What Could Criminal Justice Reform Look Like In W.Va.?


On this West Virginia Morning, a conversation about criminal justice reform and issues facing the state’s veterans.



Some lawmakers this legislative session are looking at ways to address an overcrowded prison system, and help more previously incarcerated people reenter the workforce.


Last year, several groups and non-profits went around the state to gather testimony and stories from over 200 people about their experiences with the criminal justice system. Their stories were collected through interviews, surveys and focus groups.


Lida Shepherd works with one of the groups spearheading the project, The American Friends Service Committee. Shepherd sat down with Roxy Todd to share some of the results.


And, on last night’s episode of The Legislature Today, we highlighted the multiple challenges West Virginia’s active military members and veterans face – and some legislation that may address some of the concerns. Host Suzanne Higgins spoke with Sen. Ryan Weld, chairman of the Senate Military Committee, and Sen. Doug Facemire, a long-time member of that committee. Here’s an excerpt from the interview, taped live from the capitol.