Curtis Tate Published

USDA Awards $2.2 Million For Rural Projects In West Virginia

The Scarborough Library on Shepherd University’s campus is home to the largest solar panel installation on a nonprofit in West Virginia. This photo shows half of its 189 panels.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is sending more than $2 million in grants for projects in West Virginia.

The USDA’s Rural Development Program grants will support 18 projects statewide.

Grants to the Pocahontas County Board of Education and Shepherd University will support distant learning in rural areas.

Several agricultural producers and small businesses will receive grants under the Rural Energy for America Program. These funds will help them install renewable energy systems such as solar arrays and improve their energy efficiency.

Another grant will go to West Virginia University for training and technical assistance to Central Appalachian communities to improve their water and wastewater infrastructure.

One grant aims to help the region’s communities eliminate illegal dumping.

Other grants will assist low-income residents in several counties repair or rehabilitate their homes.