Trey Kay Published

Us & Them: Let Us 'Bind Up The Nation's Wounds'

Let Us 'Bind Up The Nation's Wounds' - A Special Us & Them Post-Election Episode

The 2020 presidential election has offered a host of unexpected twists and turns. The candidate’s varied approaches to campaigning during a pandemic. The president’s own COVID diagnosis. The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a fast confirmation process for her successor just before election day.

A record number of citizens participated in this election. However, the process highlights and confirms our divisions. As votes are counted and winners declared, it’s possible that some Americans will dispute the outcome — clear evidence of the “Us & Them” all around us.

So how do we move forward? Us & Them host Trey Kay has been thinking a lot about this election in terms of how its results may divide the nation even further.

This episode of Us & Them is presented with support from the West Virginia Humanities Council and CRC Foundation.

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