‘Tis The Pawpaw Season This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, if you don’t know much about the pawpaw – ‘tis the season! We learn about this native fruit to Appalachia. Also, in this show, we bring you this week’s Mountain Stage Song of the Week from blues vocalist Catherine Russell.

In the latest episode of Inside Appalachia, we hear stories about fall, including stories about a fruit that grows in abundance in the Ohio River Valley and much of Appalachia. Neal Peterson is a plant scientist who’s credited with helping bring the pawpaw back to existence as a cultivated fruit. Yes – you can plant a pawpaw tree in your backyard, and chances are, if you buy a tree, it’s thanks to Peterson’s work. This story was produced by Leah Scarpelli and Michael Snyder as part of The Mountain Traditions Podcast.

If you’re a fan of the Grateful Dead, this week’s special edition of Mountain Stage is for you. Our Song of the Week comes from jazz and blues vocalist Catherine Russell, who put her special touch on “New Speedway Boogie.”

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