These Classrooms are STEAM Powered



Birdhouses designed and built from recycled materials, fourth grade, Paw Paw Elementary.

Congratulations to the following schools for their participation in the STEAM power WV Challenge. 

3rd Grade 

Lakewood Elementary School,  Kanawha County

Teacher: Jodi Ballard

My students had a blast with these activities. We love hands on learning and STEM activities.

This challenge gave them the opportunity to incorporate both of those things and let them work collaboratively. They loved it!


4th Grade      Paw Paw Elementary School, Morgan County

Teacher: Cortney Kile

I (and the class) love the lessons and objectives. The videos hold student attention, and the activities that follow are very hands-on. Great way to integrate several subjects into the classroom!


5th Grade         Winfield Elementary School, Putnam County

Teacher: Barb Blankenship

My students have really enjoyed these lessons and learning about different people and jobs in WV. Their artwork is fabulous and they were so creative in their thinking.

Each classroom has been awarded a cash prize to purchase supplies.  If you are interested in using these lessons in your classroom follow this link:


Winfield fifth graders create stained glass paintings and explore lines shapes.