Middle School Career And Technical Training Hopes To Improve Student Engagement, Employment

“I've seen kids go to college and have no idea what they want to be and go get a political science degree, then they can’t get a job,” Hardesty said. “I am sick and tired of a counselor telling a kid in the welding program ‘You don't want to be a welder’ when he can go out and make $40 an hour and get hired today.”

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DHHR Partnership Supports New Career Pathways For Women

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources is partnering with several organizations to create new career pathways for women. 

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W.Va. Legislature Enters Final Week Of 2023 Session

On this episode of The Legislature Today, we have officially begun the final week of the 2023 West Virginia Legislative session. WVPB’s News Director Eric Douglas talks with reporter Curtis Tate about bills he’s been following this legislative session, including the latest on a bill that would limit gender-affirming health care in West Virginia.

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