How Baltimore Port Closure Affects Coal Producers In W.Va. 

For now, the companies that produce the coal will have to find a way to other ports, mainly Norfolk or the Gulf Coast.

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Career Technical Education Program Names Teacher Of The Year

Career Technical Education (CTE) prepares students for future trade jobs by pairing academic lessons with hands-on, real-world experiences. Monday, the program announced its teacher of the year is Lynette Jones.  

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Cleveland Cliffs To Shutter Weirton Facility, Lay Off 900 Workers

The Cleveland-based company said an unfavorable ruling from the International Trade Commission was behind the move.

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Could Appalachian Communities Survive On Their Own?

Resourceful. Self-reliant. These are some of the values many people who live in the mountains pride themselves on. But could we sustain ourselves? As part of our occasional series “Wild, Wondering, West Virginia,” Lana Lester of Wyoming County submitted her question to the Inside Appalachia team: “Could West Virginia Be Self-Sustaining?” She said she, “always had the feeling that God Blessed West Virginia with all of our natural resources and we have everything there in the state to survive.” 

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