Tax Collections

July Revenue Up, But Severance Taxes Off Considerably

July is often one of the slowest months for revenue collection, according to a press release from Gov. Jim Justice’s office, but general revenue collections were almost $8 million higher than expected. Total collections were $335 million.

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W.Va. Sets Record With Fiscal Year-End Surplus, Results Questioned

The release noted that at the close of the fiscal year, June 30, 2023, at midnight, total collections for the revenue year will come in at approximately $6.5 billion – 10 percent ahead of prior year adjusted collections – marking the first time in state history that final collections for a single year have exceeded $6 billion.

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Southern W.Va. Program Teaches New Tax Solutions for Independent Workers, Businesses

Tax season is a time that some Americans plan and save for all year. But it’s not always as easy as filling out paperwork before starting work, especially if you’re an independent worker or small business owner.

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State Officials: 2018 Budget Year to End in Surplus

Gov. Jim Justice and his revenue staff say West Virginia is heading toward a budget surplus as the state nears the end of the 2018 fiscal year.The…

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