State Treasurer

State Blacklisted BlackRock. But Guess What It's Financing?

A report earlier this month from the Sierra Club shows that in 2022 and 2023, BlackRock bought more than $45 million in bonds issued by EQT Corporation.

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The ‘Checks In The Mail’ May Be For You

The state Treasurer’s Office recently mailed checks to 3,314 state residents worth more than $3.7 million. These are unclaimed property the treasurer’s office is tasked with returning to its rightful owners.

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U.S. Senate Disclosure Shows Justice's Debts, Biggest Creditors

Gov. Jim Justice’s U.S. Senate candidate financial disclosure form reveals details not found in his filings to the state ethics commission. He must report his liabilities as a Senate candidate but not as governor.

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Endorses State Treasurer Riley Moore 

Born in Morgantown into the West Virginia Moore-Capito political family, Moore began his career as a welder before moving into politics. In 2013, he served as an associate at the Podesta Group where he was part of a client team working on the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECFMU), which was formed to represent the Party of Regions, a banned pro-Russian political party in Ukraine formed in late 1997. 

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