Silas House

Summer Reading Suggestions, Inside Appalachia

Inside Appalachia loves books and writers – and if you’re looking for summer book recommendations, we’ve got a bunch. This is our summer reading episode, featuring some of our favorite notable author interviews from over the past several months. 

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An Author's Take On Ecological Disaster And Our Song Of The Week, This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, Mason Adams speaks with Kentucky poet laureate Silas House about his book "Lark Ascending," one of Inside Appalachia's summer read picks. In the book, House explores a future that’s reeling from ecological disaster.

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Appalachian Writer Silas House on the Double-Edged Sword of Coal

This story is part of the ‘The Future of Coal’—a collaboration of The Allegheny Front, West Virginia Public Broadcasting, and Inside Energy.The writer…

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