Shepherd University

Shepherd Study Treats Substance Use Disorder With Light Therapy

Researchers at Shepherd University are using light therapy to treat symptoms of substance use disorder and depression, and say they have found early signs of success.

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Citizen Science Project Brings Pure American Chestnuts Back To Appalachia

A Shepherd University student is leading a citizen science project that aims to repopulate American chestnut trees in Appalachia. American chestnut populations have been threatened for decades by an infectious disease called chestnut blight.

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Shepherd University Secures 3 Years Of Funding For Student Research

A new $160,000 grant from the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission will fund three years of a student research program at Shepherd University in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle.

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University Students Receive Federal Study Abroad Scholarship

University students from across the state will get the chance to study abroad with a federal scholarship. 

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