Welcoming All Climbers In Appalachia

It's mid-October in Kentucky's Red River Gorge and the trees are just beginning to take on their autumn colors, as rock climbers from around the world flock to the region. The crunching of dried leaves and clanking of metal safety gear creates a type of rock climber’s soundtrack. But, on this particular weekend, you might also hear ATVs grinding up the trails, bringing wheelchair users to the area. 

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Prosecuting COVID-19 Fraud, Pharmacy Deserts and Spotting The Early Signs Of Dementia, This West Virginia Week

This week we heard about prosecutors on the trail of illegally obtained COVID-19 relief funds and communities grappling with the loss of pharmacies

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Native Plant Month Highlights Need To Protect Environment

West Virginia may be "wild and wonderful," but not everything growing in our forests is supposed to be here. News Director Eric Douglas takes us on a nature walk in Kanawha State Forest to learn about the native and non-native plants right under our feet.

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Spring Turkey Season Starts This Weekend

The regular season opens statewide April 17, and goes for five weeks until May 21.

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