How Appalachian NASCAR Hall Of Famer Leonard Wood Reinvented Racing

Stock car racing’s roots run deep in Appalachia. Our twisty roads and dark hollers were home to moonshiners — and moonshine runners, who became known for their driving skills. And they became some of NASCAR’s first stars when it formed in 1948. But NASCAR’s oldest continuous racing team had nothing to do with moonshine.

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A Tale Of Treenware And A NASCAR Legend, Inside Appalachia

This week on Inside Appalachia, a pair of former miners found love shoveling coal and shaped a life making wooden spoons. We learn about treenware. Also, NASCAR Hall of Famer Leonard Wood shares stories, and a bit of advice. And, group bike rides are a way to socialize and get outside. But here in Appalachia, newcomers are met with steep hills.

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A Little Daytona In Ona

Ona, West Virginia is a town with two stop lights, but it’s also a place where legends are made. Greg Sigler has been racing at Ona Speedway for nearly…

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Tinkering As A Family Tradition: Restoring Vintage Cars In Roanoke

On any given Friday night, a parade of customized cars and trucks cruise from north to south and back again on Williamson Road in Roanoke, Virginia.…

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