Harpers Ferry’s Ties To Civil Rights Movement Showcased In New Documentary

Harpers Ferry was home to the second-ever meeting of a civil rights group that gave way to the NAACP. A new documentary in part highlights the town's connection to the movement.

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New Documentary Highlights Niagara Movement On This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, a group of Black civil rights leaders in 1905 came together to form the Niagara Movement. Historians describe the group as a precursor to the NAACP. The group was founded in Ontario, Canada. But soon it forged ties with historic Harpers Ferry.

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Advocates Discuss Black Infant And Maternal Health With Lawmakers

The Black Infant and Maternal Health Working Group hosted a breakfast and meet and greet with lawmakers Monday at the capitol.

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Jefferson County Commission Sparks Backlash After Rejecting NAACP Resolution

A group of about 70 protestors stood outside the Charles Town Library, which is the building that houses county commission meetings. Many among them used nearly an hour of public comment time during the meeting to voice displeasure over the commission’s inaction.

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