Memoir Celebrates 'Gilligan's' W.Va. Life, Family

Dreama Denver grew up in Bluefield, West Virginia before she moved to Florida in the early 1970s and went to work for Disney as one of the first cast members. That’s also where she met her husband, Bob Denver, an actor better known as “Gilligan.” When their son was diagnosed with autism, they eventually moved to West Virginia to provide him with full time care.

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New W.Va. Memoir Looks At Father-Son Relationship

A new book navigates the complex path between a son and his father. It tells the story of Frank Perry who spent a 20 year career in the army before retiring to St. Albans, West Virginia. His son, Mathew, always thought of him as the Master Sergeant.

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WVU Professor Shares Personal Story, Tackles Reproductive Rights in New Memoir

Author Christa Parravani recently wrote a book about her own experiences trying to obtain an abortion. The process was so difficult, she ultimately had the baby. In the book, she also looks into the healthcare system when it comes to infants and children, along with mothers in states with restrictive reproductive rights.

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‘Hill Women’ Examines Three Generations In Eastern Kentucky

Stories of life in Appalachia are often told from a male perspective, but many young writers and authors are trying to change that. They want to make sure…

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