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Indie Rock Band Wednesday Carries The Torch For Mountain South

Wednesday made big waves with Rat Saw God when it came out in April. The music site Pitchfork gave it 8.8 out of 10 and named it Best New Music. Before Wednesday set out on a big European tour, Inside Appalachia Host Mason Adams caught up with Karly Hartzman.

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How Drop Of Sun Studios Turned Asheville Into An Indie Rock Hotspot

Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, North Carolina, is in the midst of an indie rock hot streak. Inside Appalachia host Mason Adams contacted Drop of Sun co-founder Alex Farrar to find out how he got into making music, and what’s the secret behind making buzzworthy music albums.

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The West Virginian Behind Beach House's Beats and Louisiana's Buildings

Let’s play a game of #WVmusic 'Guess Who,' shall we?Who is from West Virginia, the son of a Mountain Stage band member, an architect living in Louisiana…

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Parkersburg Indie Rocker on TWIABP, WV and TAL

If you take a second to look around, you can find hardworking West Virginians in the coolest places.Case in point, Parkersburg native Dave Bello fronting…

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