Appalachian Fracking Water Contains Lots Of Lithium, Report Says

Lithium is a key ingredient in batteries, and a boom in electric vehicle manufacturing and storage for renewable energy means it’s in high demand.

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Gas Group’s Chief Talks About MVP, Carbon And Coal Competition

Curtis Tate spoke with Charlie Burd, president of the West Virginia Gas and Oil Association, about the state’s role in supplying the global market.

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A Legislative Reporter Recap And A Look At Air Emissions From Fracking, This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, with just days left of the 2024 West Virginia Legislative session, WVPB reporters Randy Yohe and Briana Heaney sit down to discuss the many bills that have passed or failed this session.

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Step Dancing At WVSU And Radioactive Brine, Inside Appalachia

This week on Inside Appalachia, step shows are a tradition at many historically Black universities, including schools in Appalachia. We hear about one that’s part of West Virginia State University’s annual homecoming celebration. And, abandoned industrial sites have long been a magnet for people to explore and turn into not-at-all-legal hangout spots, but some come with hidden dangers. We learn about the danger at Fairmont Brine, a site in West Virginia that processed liquid used in hydraulic fracking.

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