Film Tax Credit

State Filmmaking Groups Begin Organizing Statewide Job Workshops

Filmmakers and producers are organizing workshops to support a potential filmmaking workforce statewide.

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After Legislative Action, The State’s Film Industry Is Making Gains

Just five months after a new law revitalized the West Virginia Film Office, the state’s film industry is already seeing a bump.

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Revamped Film Tax Credit Expected To Create Mountain State Movie Mecca

After repealing state filming policies in 2018 that failed to provide a positive return on investment, the Office of Economic Development has re-established the WV Film Office with a revamped State Film Tax Credit now in play.

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Revised W.Va. Film Tax Credit Has Hollywood Calling

As part of our ongoing, occasional series "Effective from Passage," we take a closer look at a bill that reinstates West Virginia’s film tax credit. House Bill 2096 creates a filmmaking incentive that is expected to put thousands to work and bring millions into the state economy.

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