W.Va. Farmer-Food Bank Flap And Us & Them Remembers An Unlikely Friendship, This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, both of West Virginia’s major food banks purchase fresh produce from West Virginia farmers. But a farmer-food bank flap had some social media pages heated up – and demonstrated the value of a written contract. Randy Yohe has the story. 

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Distress Grows For Ohio Valley Farmers As Trade Deals Stall

West Kentucky Farmer Barry Alexander doesn’t have an answer on when the Trump administration will reach a trade deal with China, now a year into tariffs…

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Ohio Valley Farmers, Electric Cooperatives Push Back On Trump’s Budget Cut Proposals

West Kentucky Soybean Farmer Jed Clark, like many Ohio Valley farmers, is in a tighter financial situation because tariffs from the trade war and market…

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Trump Doubles Down On Trade War As Farmers Feel Pain From Tariffs

As President Donald Trump addressed farmers at a national conference Monday Ohio Valley agriculture leaders said they are standing by his effort to…

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