As Beavers Return To W.Va. Wetlands, Conservationists Promote Coexistence

Local conservationists are building fences around trees in wetlands across West Virginia and beyond to protect them from beavers and promote coexistence between species.

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Improving West Virginia Corrections, Conserving Salamanders And Accessing Dental Care, This West Virginia Week

This week on West Virginia Week we learn about improvements being made to the state’s correctional facilities. Also we learn about the issues of protecting endangered Appalachian salamanders.

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Glassblowing Traditions And Protecting An Endangered Salamander, This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, Blenko Glass has been making everything from stem and table ware to decorative glass figurines for more than a century and proposed federal protections for the spring salamander.

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Interview With The Ichthyologist

They say there’s a lot of fish in the sea, but there’s also an awful lot of fish in the streams and rivers of Appalachia. A new book by fisheries research scientist, and WVU professor, Stuart Welsh showcases some of the lesser-known fish in the region. Bill Lynch spoke with Welsh about his book Hornyheads, Madtoms and Darters.

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