Concord University

Concord University Has Rare Crystal That Can Help Identify Rare Earth Elements

Concord University will be one of two places in the world to have a certain type of X-ray diffracting crystal. The manufactured crystal is capable of capturing invisible light wavelengths, known as X-rays, to determine the chemical makeup of certain materials.  This crystal is used as part of an electron microscope, and can collect information from materials at sizes as small as 1/1000th of a millimeter — to put that in perspective, a fine grain of sand is 1/10th of a millimeter.

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Concord Esports Team Wins National Championship

One of West Virginia’s first collegiate esports teams won a national championship in December.

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Online Academic Resources Now Available For Southern W.Va. Students

Students in some southern counties will soon have access to online academic help. 

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Intermediate Court Of Appeals Brings Arguments To Concord

The Intermediate Court of Appeals of West Virginia will hear three arguments at Concord University this Thursday, Sept. 21 as part of a new judicial educational initiative called ICA On-Campus.

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