Coal Miner

How A Reporter’s Investigation Of Appalachia’s Black Lung Epidemic Pushed Federal Officials To Respond

Miners are suffering from an advanced version of black lung disease known as progressive massive fibrosis. It’s the result of digging at increasingly thin coal seams. That means they’re also cutting into quartz, which creates silica dust. Advanced black lung results from breathing in that blend of silica and coal dust.

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Black Lung Advocates Want More From New Proposed Silica Dust Rule

A draft rule to protect coal miners from exposure to silica dust garnered more than 5,200 comments from advocates and the American public.

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Woman Underground -- How One W.Va. Miner Found Family and Fatherly Connection In Coal

The first female coal miner in America wasn’t legally hired until 1973. At that time, women made 57 cents to a dollar earned by men. The American labor force has come a long way since then but still has a ways to go to reach equality, especially for women of color. In 2020, women earned 82.3% of men’s annual salary.

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‘America’s Coal Miners’ Photography Exhibit Donated to W.Va. Art Collection 

A photography project called “America’s Coal Miners” was recently donated to the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History. The project includes life-size images of West Virginia coal miners in high quality photographs.

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