Childhood Trauma

Can Early Trauma Last A Lifetime?

A 1998 study on Adverse Childhood Experiences (also known as “ACEs”) concluded that traumas early in life can lead to poor health outcomes later on. Today, the findings of the study are considered ground-breaking and have sparked a world-wide social healing movement. But some say using such a rubric to assess a person’s traumatic experiences won’t work for everyone and may simply label and limit their future potential.

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Changing our Approach to Children's Mental Health

A California advocacy organization is trying to reinvent America’s approach to children’s mental health. The idea is to remove mental health care from the…

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Report: West Virginia Childhood Adversity Tops US Average

The analysis looked at the percentage of children with Adverse Childhood Experiences – commonly known as ACEs. West Virginia scored higher than the…

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Teaching Teachers About Trauma Helps Kids Learn

Liam Rusmisel is a different kid this year. On the first day of kindergarten he walked into the classroom, head held high, according to his teachers. This…

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