Cancer Prevention

Advocates Ask Legislators For Tobacco Cessation Funding

On Monday, lawmakers heard from cancer patients, survivors and advocates during Cancer Action Day.

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Health Officials Advise Radon Testing For Homes

During National Radon Action Month, state officials advise the public to test their homes and workplaces for radon.

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Medical Value Of Plants Highlight International Conference In Institute 

Deriving medicine from plants goes back to the Egyptians. Since then, scientists have identified more than 390,000 plants on the earth, most of which have not been studied for their medicinal applications.

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Morgantown’s ‘Project Rainbow’ And New Book Explores Cancer Prevention On This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, housing can be a difficult issue for many but especially for those in marginalized communities. A group in Morgantown is working to create Project Rainbow, a shelter and housing aid organization specifically for LGBTQ community members.

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