Banned Books

Libraries, Obscene Matter Bill Debated In House 

Right now, public and school libraries and museums have exemptions to West Virginia’s law against displaying or disseminating obscene material to minors. House Bill 4654 would remove those exemptions.

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Appalachian Literature And Banned Books, This West Virginia Week

On this West Virginia Week, we have a decidedly literary slant as we hear from Shepherd University's 2023 Appalachian Writer-in-Residence, and we also learn about Banned Book Week.

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Banned Books Subject Of Library Week

This week is banned books week. Groups like the American Library Association encourage people to look at the books that have been banned and to think about why people attempt to remove them from public view.

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Paw Paws And Banned Books Week On This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, for the past several years, on a warm autumn afternoon at the end of September, the parking lot of West Virginia University’s Coliseum fills with visitors. But they don’t come to watch basketball. As Chris Schulz reports, they come out for the paw paw fruit.

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