Austyn Gaffney

AppHarvest Was Touted As Appalachia’s Future. What Happened?

The start-up was built on the idea of using cutting-edge technology and local workers to produce vegetables on an industrial scale. And this was all set to happen in eastern Kentucky, where the company’s founder said this new version of agriculture could help replace the fading coal industry. AppHarvest got a lot of attention — from national media, politicians and investors. But then, last year, the company filed for bankruptcy.

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How Journalists Used Comics To Explain Landslide Insurance Troubles In Kentucky

Kentucky reporter Austyn Gaffney recently covered the topic for a comics journalism piece that was illustrated by Tennessee artist Martha Park. It was co-published by Grist, Bitter Southerner and the Economic Hardship Reporting project, and is titled, “Washed Away.”

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