Syrian Immigrant in W.Va.: 'Saying I'm from Syria Feels Like a Crime'


On this West Virginia Morning, Nairouz Katrib is a Syrian immigrant. She moved to West Virginia 8 years ago to study at West Virginia State University.

In 2015, Katrib shared with West Virginia Public Broadcasting the struggles she faced trying to communicate with her family in civil war torn Syria. 

Since, Katrib has gotten married and she’s now a graduate student doing cancer research at the university, but she feels as though her struggles have escalated since President Trump signed an order banning travel from 7 Muslim-majority counties and halting the Syrian refugee program.

Roxy Todd checked in with Katrib this week at her home in Charleston.

“I haven’t seen my mother for almost five years. I had my wedding, and she was not there. I had my graduation, and she was not there… And it’s not because [she] didn’t want to, but because of the war and because people don’t want to help them get out.”