Shepherdstown Theater Festival Completes 29th Season


On this West Virginia Morning, the Contemporary American Theater Festival in Shepherdstown just closed on its 29th season. The festival draws visitors from all over to West Virginia and has helped the state stand out in the professional theater scene. Liz McCormick sat down with Associate Producing Director Peggy McKowen to talk about the festival’s legacy, impact and what’s ahead for its 30th season.

Also on today’s show, this summer, The Allegheny Front is examining what happens when gas companies impact local communities in our region. In the latest story in their series, Who’s Listening?, The Allegheny Front’s Julie Grant shares the story of a sewage treatment plant near Youngstown, Ohio, that made a deal to accept fracking waste. Despite clean water violations — Ohio regulators didn’t step in until a private citizen and her attorney took matters into their own hands.

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