Rural Homelessness Poses Unique Challenges


On this West Virginia Morning, homelessness is often considered an urban problem. But a recent NPR survey found a third of rural Americans say homelessness is a problem in the communities. In the first in a series of reports from the Ohio Valley ReSource Mary Meehan explores rural homelessness. Those working on the issues say it remains largely hidden, even as the region’s opioid crisis pushes more people into need.

Also on today’s show, in a recent episode of Inside Appalachia, we explore the role craft beer and craft spirits have in our economy and in our culture. But in a region struggling with substance abuse, is more alcohol business a good idea? Alcohol is, after all, just another drug even if it is legal and socially acceptable.

Liz McCormick sat down with two professionals from West Virginia University who run a program that helps students cope with alcohol.

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