Questions About State Income Tax And Animal Love This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, some state lawmakers are questioning if what Gov. Jim Justice outlined in his State of the State Address is what the state really needs. The governor wants to reduce and eventually eliminate the state income tax. Also, in this show, we learn about whether animals can love.

The West Virginia House of Delegates is making quick work of a pair of bills to address the governor’s emergency powers. As Dave Mistich reports, the measures deal with Gov. Justice’s unilateral approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting launched a Friday night series last week scheduled throughout the 85th West Virginia Legislature. The Legislature Today will provide updates every Friday night on the week’s news from the Capitol building. In last week’s episode, host Suzanne Higgins spoke with Senate Minority Leader Stephen Baldwin and House Minority Leader Doug Skaff about the legislative priorities Gov. Justice outlined in his State of the State address. Here’s an excerpt from that interview.

If you’ve ever watched animals interact, it seems like they feel love. Think about penguins: they mate for life. Or elephants: before they mate, they form a bond through wrapping their trunks together – kind of like a hug. Or what about the look in a dog’s eyes when their owner walks through the door? If that isn’t love, what is? But scientifically speaking, is it true? Do animals actually feel love? A few years back, Inside Appalachia producer Roxy Todd got to thinking about this question. She talked with Inside Appalachia host Caitlin Tan about the experience, and it led them to reporting this story.

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