Q&A: Folklife Reporting in Central Appalachia


On this West Virginia Morning, Inside Appalachia host Jessica Lilly is directing a new initiative to expand our arts and cultural reporting throughout central Appalachia, and helping her is our new reporter, Caitlin Tan. The two sat down to talk about what Caitlin has discovered during her first few months of living here and reporting on folklife for Inside Appalachia.

Also on today’s show, when Caitlin first came to West Virginia to explore our culture and folklife, she found that things like pepperoni rolls, ramps, Mountaineers – and even Bigfoot and Mothman — have become symbols of the state.  

Caitlin met a graphic artist in Morgantown who has built a successful design business reinterpreting some of these beloved local treasures with a modern, cartoonish flare. Caitlin the story.

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