Projections Show Coronavirus Will Peak In W.Va. In Early May, Officials Say There's Time To Prepare


On this West Virginia Morning, modeling can help show health officials when the coronavirus is expected to peak in West Virginia. And you had questions about COVID-19; we have answers.

As of April 2, 2020, health officials have reported two deaths related to the coronavirus in West Virginia. But more are likely due to the population here. The disease seems to strike the elderly and those with preexisting conditions hardest. 

But when will the virus peak in West Virginia — and what challenges will it put on the state’s health care system? Dave Mistich reports.

The coronavirus pandemic is moving so quickly – it can be hard to keep all the information straight. So, the Ohio Valley ReSource and its partner stations asked what you wanted to know. And you had questions. Sydney Boles spoke with an infectious disease specialist to get some answers.

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