Primary Election Looms, GOP Senate Candidates Compete for Spotlight


On this West Virginia Morning, next week is Election Day, and we bring you a look at the Republican primary candidates vying to represent West Virginia in Washington. This and more, on West Virginia Morning.

Texas, West Virginia and five other states are suing to end once and for all a program that would protect some young immigrants from deportation. Roxy Todd has more.

Natural gas has been touted as a bridge to a clean energy future, and it’s replaced coal as the country’s top power source. But it’s also causing problems for another source of energy: nuclear.

For StateImpact Pennsylvania, the Allegheny Front’s Reid Frazier reports this could be a setback in the fight against climate change.

Just days before West Virginia’s primary, attacks between candidates vying for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate have become increasingly aggressive. Fueled by the national spotlight, a recent string of debates, and out-of-state spending, GOP Senate hopefuls are competing to align themselves with President Donald Trump — who maintains strong approval rating in the state. Dave Mistich has been following along and brings us up to speed with this report.

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