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New Superintendent Named For Upshur County

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A new leader has been chosen for Upshur County Schools amid a continuing investigation. 

Christy Miller was named as Superintendent of Upshur County Schools by the West Virginia Department of Education Monday evening. 

She is currently the Taylor County superintendent and will take on the new role July 1.

The appointment comes amid the continuing Special Circumstance Review of Upshur County. The board declared a state of emergency in Upshur County Schools on June 14.

Earlier this year board investigators discovered the misuse of federal funds, as well as non-compliance with purchasing procedures. The state is reviewing the county’s spending practices.

Miller will take over for Interim Superintendent Steven Wotring, who was named to the post temporarily following the board’s intervention.

Wotring will move to an advisory role as a transition liaison who will assist county leadership during the review and recovery process.

In a press release, Miller said she will work with the community to restore Upshur County Schools’ reputation.

Christy Miller

Courtesy of the West Virginia Department of Education

“Upshur County has a tradition of strong academic programs and community support,” she said. “The schools have been a source of pride, and they should be because they reflect the heart of the community. We will restore this reputation and pride, but it will take some work. We have some obstacles to overcome, and I know we can do it together for the benefit of the children and families of the county.”