Curtis Tate Published

Lawmakers Hear About Raleigh County Solar, Battery Storage Project

West Virginia lawmakers got a preview of a solar and battery storage project in Raleigh County.

Enel Green Power gave the details of its plans to bring a solar and battery farm to the heart of Southern West Virginia coal country in a presentation to a joint energy committee.

The solar facility would generate 120 megawatts of power, primarily for industrial use. Excess power would be sold to PJM, the regional grid operator in West Virginia and 12 other states.

For comparison, the three coal-fired units at the John Amos power plant in Putnam County, are capable of producing more than 2,900 megawatts, when operating at their full capacity.

Joel Harrington, director of public policy for Enel North America, said the project would bring jobs and economic benefit to the region.

“We’re looking at up to 200 construction jobs for this project, up to $40.7 million in local economic output and $2 million in new property tax revenue,” he said.

The site will feature 30 megawatts of battery storage to power the grid when the sun isn’t shining.